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Stripped! is a play written and performed by Maedb Joy, Megan Prescott, April Fiasco and Bella Quinn. Originally devised in 2021, then developed through 2022, it was performed at The Glory, and Vault Festival over 8 times to sold out audiences every night. Read the review of Stripped, here.

Welcome to our world of chosen family, queer love, and making ends meet in a cost of living crisis. Stripped! is a theatre-cabaret show about sex worker rights in a society that tells us it’s okay to use sex to sell anything but actual sex.

Devised from real life experiences, we follow Maia’s first shift at the club as she attempts to make enough money to save up and leave her abusive relationship.

Stripped! is a piece of fierce, bold and feminist theatre that reflects the reality of existing as a sex worker in the current political climate, the sisterhood of the strip club, and the ways in which we organise in the face of exploitative bosses, strip club closures, and oppressive legislation.

Cast & Creative Team

Maedb Joy - Creative Director, Theatre Maker, Performer
Carmen Ali - Theatre Maker, Performer
Bella Violet Quinn - Theatre Maker, Performer
Megan Prescott - Theatre Maker, Performer

Sammy Glover - Director 

Rachel Lemon - Director 
Abigail Glasser - Sound Designer
Ashleigh-Rose Harman - Producer

"Stripped! is fucking phenomenal, 5/5 stars and you should absolutely make time to go see it, especially if you're new to revolutionary hooker politics."

- Polyester Zine 

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