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Home Sweet Hell 


Home Sweet Hell is a full length one hour one-woman spoken word theatre show, written and performed by Maedb Joy. Initially written as a poetry collection, Maedb developed the work performing poems across the country for 1 year before developing it into a full length play for 'A Pinch of Vault', and Camden People's Theatre. Read the write up here.

Ruby has been camming on and off since she was 14 years old. Initially groomed into sex work, she finds herself re-entering the sex industry to support her career as a writer. Home Sweet Hell follows her as she destroys her long-term relationship, leaves the only place that ever felt like home, and navigates what it means to exist as a working class creative in London.

Sitting at the intersection of feminist vs anti-feminist sex work arguments, we watch as she performs her trauma for the male gaze in an attempt to access the future she has trained for.

Home Sweet Hell frames sex work as a decision made in the face of poverty, an inescapable repeated pattern, and one that comes written in permanent ink.

A mixture between devised and written work, the script has been pieced together from poems written on the backs of till roll while working minimum wage jobs, verbatim cam room chats, poetry freestyles, written duologues and performance poems.

Watch the sizzle reel here. 

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